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Building advice for private individuals

What is probably the most important investment of your life deserves comprehensive, well-considered planning.

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Our mission

We strive to optimize our clients’ projects economically and ecologically through tailor-made strategic consulting in the real estate sector. Our aim is to create sustainable added value through outstanding quality of advice, which is reflected both in customer success and in a positive contribution to the environment and society.

– Moritz Pensel, Managing Director


Decline in residential real estate prices in Germany in Q3 2023 compared to the same quarter of the previous year *Federal Statistical Office


Currently the most favorable effective annual interest rate for KfW loans (as of 02.03.2023)

Holistic advice in 3 steps



Individual profile analysis, risk and opportunity clarification, transparent market trends, specific funding and financing tips for your dream home.



Vision turned into reality, priority given to individual wishes, guaranteed efficiency and sustainability through professional expertise.



Responsibility in the construction phase, selection of reliable craftsmen, highest standards, care, precision, time frame, dream house realization.

Your way to your dream home

Building your own home is one of the most important investments in your life, not only financially but also emotionally. At the beginning of our collaboration, we lay the foundations for your future home together. Our expert advice aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and risks involved in building a home, while also providing insight into current market trends.

Every dream of owning a home is unique, shaped by individual wishes and ideas about life. That is why we aim to analyze your personal profile in detail. This individual approach enables us to provide you with customized recommendations that are not only tailored to your financial possibilities, but also point out subsidy programs and optimal financing strategies.

We want your dream home to be not only a place of well-being and aesthetics, but also financially accessible and sustainable. That’s why we offer you detailed advice on energy-efficient construction and sustainable living concepts that enable you to make long-term savings and reduce your ecological footprint.

Your home as a strategic investment

Building your own home is not just about putting a roof over your head – it is an investment that needs to be carefully considered. Building a house is comparable to a leveraged investment: you use borrowed capital (usually a loan) to make a major investment, which brings with it the possibility of high profits, but also the risk of major losses in the event of fluctuations in value. The choice of location is therefore crucial.

  1. Liquidity and market dynamics: In seemingly more favorable rural areas, the invested capital is less liquid. This means it can take longer to resell the house and achieve a reasonable price.
  2. Development of the location: Another important aspect is the region’s growth potential. A city that is growing and developing offers more opportunities to increase the value of your property. A shrinking city, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. It is therefore essential to consider the long-term prospects of the location.
  3. Future viability: Think about how the location will develop over the next few years. Factors such as infrastructure, local economy, educational and leisure opportunities play a major role in the quality of life and therefore also in the value of your property.

If these points cannot be answered positively, the solution might be to rent rather than buy. Renting offers flexibility and less financial risk, especially in uncertain or negatively developing markets.

During the location and market analysis, we help you to evaluate these factors and make an informed decision. Because your home is more than just a place to live – it is an investment in your future.

Optimize your investment

Building a house is not only an emotional decision, but also a financial one. Smart financial planning and knowledge of tax advantages are crucial to getting the most out of your investment. We support you in optimizing your financing and taking advantage of any special tax write-offs.

  1. Financing strategy: Financing a house is complex and requires a tailor-made strategy. It is important to monitor current interest rate trends and adjust the financing accordingly. A low interest rate can significantly reduce the overall cost and minimize your financial burden.
  2. Tax advantages through energy standards: When planning your home, you should bear in mind that certain energy standards may have to be met in new builds in order to qualify for any special depreciation allowances.
  3. Cooperation with experts: For more detailed financing and tax advice, we work with specialized partners. These experts can offer in-depth analyses and customized solutions tailored to your individual situation.

Let us plan your financing and tax strategy together to make your house building project not only a success, but also a worthwhile investment. Contact us for comprehensive advice.

The advantages of early advice

Strategic planning

It is essential to make the right decisions in the initial phase, i.e. before purchasing a property or plot of land, particularly with regard to the choice of location and investment strategy. This is the only way to guarantee perfectly integrated advice.
Otherwise, it may only be possible to limit the damage.

Early advice helps to identify potential risks and challenges and to develop suitable measures to minimize them. Among other things, early consultation with the local building authorities is essential for a successful project.

Early consultation makes it possible to analyze current market conditions and trends and incorporate them into investment planning