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Our mission

Through tailor-made strategic consulting, we strive to optimize our clients’ projects economically and ecologically. Our aim is to create sustainable added value through outstanding quality of advice, which is reflected both in customer success and in a positive contribution to the environment and society.

– Moritz Pensel, Managing Director


Achievable margin of safety of an optimized project compared to the market value determined by the bank


Project development volume

Holistic advice in 3 steps



Tailored investment advice on real estate investments by identifying investment opportunities in line with your objectives



Strategic planning that is in line with macroeconomic developments and takes into account influences from economic growth, financial market behavior, monetary and fiscal policy measures as well as demographic and political changes.



Support or own implementation
We stand for reliable and careful realization of the planned projects, consistently adhering to the highest standards of architectural excellence and precise execution.

Business plan for investors

We offer individual consulting for real estate investments, including the joint development and optimization of business plans. If required, we also analyze and refine specific planning areas in order to efficiently achieve your goals and minimize costs. Our aim is to offer customized solutions that provide the greatest possible added value for the project and the success of our customers.

At the beginning of our partnership, we lay the strategic foundation for your projects together. Our comprehensive advice is aimed at providing you with the best possible information about the opportunities and risks in the real estate market, transparently presenting the latest market trends and investment opportunities, and specifically highlighting the potential and challenges of individual projects.

We offer an in-depth insight into both general market developments and the individual aspects of your planned projects in order to create a sound basis for decision-making.

We recognize that every investment and every investor is unique – tailored to specific needs, requirements and objectives. Through a detailed analysis of your investment profile, we offer tailor-made recommendations to maximize the profitability of your projects while minimizing risks.

Our goal is to ensure that your real estate investments are not only promising, but also sustainable and future-oriented. The benefits and leverage of our consulting services are greatest when we are involved before buildings or land are purchased, in order to optimize the strategic orientation and risk management from the outset.

ele investors already have a defined location profile. At your request, we can perform a detailed analysis to provide additional insights and assessments.

This is an optional step aimed at understanding the intricacies of local markets and precisely analyzing the long-term prospects of investment locations.

We see sustainability as a strategic opportunity to add value and create added value over the entire life cycle. We support you in strategically positioning your real estate investments to benefit from changing market conditions.

Our approach ensures that your investments are not only financially successful, but also sustainable and fit for the future. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on optimally coordinating existing funding programs with the specific requirements of the investor, their objectives and the local conditions in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit and maximum value enhancement for your projects.

In the area of financing and taxes, we focus on the analysis and evaluation of financing options by banks. These include traditional bank loans, promotional loans from the KfW banking group, the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) and state-specific programs such as BayernLabo. Our aim is to evaluate and quantify the various financing options using recognized valuation methods such as the discounted cash flow method. In this way, we can determine the optimal financing structure in line with the investor’s requirements, investment objectives and local conditions and optimize project planning accordingly.

We help investors understand the pros and cons of each financing option and select the one that best suits their specific project requirements and financial goals. In doing so, we not only consider the terms and conditions of the loans, but also options for optimizing the tax situation. For example, certain construction methods that meet certain energy efficiency classes can offer tax advantages such as special depreciation allowances.

Furthermore, we point out models for tax optimization and help to harmonize these with the individual project goals. For detailed tax advice, we recommend working with your tax advisor or one of our partners in this field to ensure that our clients can make not only financially efficient but also tax-optimized decisions.

Our approach offers comprehensive advice tailored to the needs of our investors, taking into account both the financial and tax aspects of real estate investments. By combining in-depth financial knowledge with an understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities in the real estate market, we strive to help our clients realize successful and sustainable projects.

The advantages of early advice

Strategic planning

It is essential to make the right decisions in the initial phase, i.e. before purchasing a property or plot of land, particularly with regard to the choice of location and investment strategy. This is the only way to guarantee perfectly integrated advice.
Otherwise, it may only be possible to limit the damage.

Early advice helps to identify potential risks and challenges and to develop suitable measures to minimize them. Among other things, early consultation with the local building authorities is essential for a successful project.

Early consultation makes it possible to analyze current market conditions and trends and incorporate them into investment planning