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A holistic approach to strategy

Our mission

Through tailor-made strategic consulting in the real estate sector, we strive to optimize our clients’ projects economically and ecologically. Our aim is to create sustainable added value through outstanding quality of advice, which is reflected both in customer success and in a positive contribution to the environment and society.

Our approach

Holistic consulting approach

Our extensive expertise in the fields of architecture, finance and strategy enables us to view and analyze each project from different perspectives. This holistic approach ensures that we consider all aspects of a project and offer integrated solutions that go beyond conventional approaches and create real added value

Integrity and reliability

Our work is based on a firm foundation of integrity and reliability. We believe that the courage to make meaningful changes and a steadfast commitment to ethical principles will ensure long-term success for our clients and their projects.

Achieving measurable improvements

Our main objective is to use our expertise to bring about concrete changes and significant quantifiable results in our clients’ projects. We achieve this by offering innovative solutions and continuously working towards overcoming challenges in order to pave the way for our customers’ extraordinary success.

No empty words

We are prepared to agree profit-sharing arrangements with our clients by closely linking our own fate to the success of their projects. Our team is passionate about achieving tangible results for our clients. These agreements turn our commitment into more than just a promise.

Strategy consulting

Tailor-made strategies for optimized real estate investments

Market analysis and trends

The ability to understand and analyze current and future trends in the real estate market is crucial. This includes recognizing growth markets, understanding supply and demand and anticipating market changes.

Risk assessment

Identifying and minimizing risks is a central component of real estate investment. This includes the assessment of market risks, the analysis of location risks and the consideration of economic fluctuations.

Financing and capital procurement

Effective advice must identify ways in which investors can raise capital for their investments and optimize financing, including advice on loans, equity investments and other financing options.

Location analysis

Choosing the right location is crucial to the success of a real estate investment. This includes an assessment of the local economy, demographic factors and infrastructure.

Planning & implementation

Creative architectural concepts and reliable realization for successful construction projects.

Architectural concept

Development of individual and functional architectural designs that meet both aesthetic and practical requirements.

Site management

Ensuring high construction quality through professional monitoring and coordination of all construction phases and trades involved.

Sustainability and efficiency

Integration of sustainable building practices and efficient technologies to realize environmentally friendly and cost-efficient properties.

Project management

Efficient planning and management of the entire construction process, from the initial idea to completion, while adhering to time and budget constraints.

Sustainability consulting

Promoting genuine sustainability in construction and real estate projects through holistic, environmentally conscious and economically efficient approaches.

Holistic understanding of sustainability

Consulting that takes equal account of the environment, people and economic efficiency to ensure comprehensive sustainability in construction and real estate projects.

Wide range of applications

Adapting the consultancy approach for different project types, including new build, refurbishment, building use, site management and building demolition.

Promotion of sustainable construction

Actively support and promote understanding and awareness of sustainable construction among the public and in the construction industry.

Performance measurement and certification

Support in achieving and assessing sustainability targets, including monitoring projects to obtain DGNB and QNG certification, as well as ESG verification

About us

Moritz Pensel


MBA (Master of Business Administration) Candidate (2024)
Nachhaltigkeitsauditor DGNB
B.A Wirtschaftswiss.+Sportmanagement (2017)

Roland Pensel


Dipl. Ing. (FH) Architektur (1987)
Seit 32 Jahren freiberuflicher Architekt (Architekturbüro Pensel, 1992)
Technischer Vorstand Gemeinnützige Bayreuther Wohnungsbaugesellschaft (2016-heute)

Kathrin Schütze-Pensel

Architektin u. Innenarchitektin

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Innenarchitektur (1986) + Architektur (1990)
Technischer Vorstand Bauverein Bayreuth e.G (2022-heute)

Natalie Potzel


Studentin Architektur (Diplom, TU-Dresden, 2025)

From 2024, Architekturbüro Pensel will operate under the umbrella of PN-International GmbH, with both companies combining their strengths under a single brand. This reorientation allows us, as PN-International GmbH, to combine the many years of experience of the architectural office with the know-how and innovative solutions of PN-International GmbH.

The key figures shown on the website therefore relate to a combined key figure for the two companies.

Within the scope of our possibilities, we are committed to supporting a social project pro bono by public organizations or associations every year and thus making our contribution to society by providing our know-how free of charge. We are open to inquiries in this area, but ask for your understanding that we have to choose which projects we can support based on our capacities.